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Streaming TV

CTV (Connected TV) advertising has taken the advertising world by storm, ever since the pandemic-induced rush to streaming services and on-demand TV.


While TV advertising may not have been accessible to small and medium businesses when contracts took months to outline and budgets ran in the millions, streaming TV can now offer the premium inventory advertisers need (ESPN, Bravo, Fox, NBC, etc.) at budgets beginning at $500/campaign.


Add to that the granular targeting and tracking capabilities of digital and CTV is now the fastest growing digital channel in the market. In order to develop simple, targetable, affordable video campaigns at scale, make sure to work with a programmatic CTV ad platform that can help you deliver and track thousands of ads on premium channels, in minutes.

Some of the best CTV tools to help advertisers zero in on specific campaign goals are cross-device retargeting, real-time campaign reporting and editing, and massive channel inventory. Donor reactivation is at the heart of any fundraising campaign and CTV retargeting will afford you an opportunity to interact with engaged stakeholders in a whole new way. When dealing with new prospects, conversely, it’s important to remain open to surprise and leave targeting dimensions relatively open-ended at the beginning of a campaign in order to glean valuable insights.

For instance, advertisers could learn which ad creative is driving the most impact, or they may uncover that their campaign is resonating more with Gen Zs than Millennials, or within a specific geography, and adjust their strategy accordingly. An exponentially increasing streaming inventory majorly contributes to advertisers’ freedom to experiment and refine campaigns as they are running. Flexible television campaigns with real-time reporting finally allow non-profit marketers to respond to campaign goal fluctuations or mission-relevant real world events in a timely and powerful way, so don’t be shy! Experiment!

Finally, a few tips before you embark on the CTV journey:

  1. Get in early so that you can be ready to move when the rest of the industry catches on to the inevitable digitization of fundraising strategies and SVOD giants like Netflix accept the hold Connected advertising has on the industry.

  2. Embrace the paradigm shift. While you may be comfortable paying for impressions instead of air-time, it might be more difficult to break away from our addiction to last touch attribution and conversion. It is absolutely crucial to the success of their CTV campaigns that advertisers understand how CTV is a powerful incremental reach channel. Invest in knowledge around what your baseline metrics should be before embarking on a CTV campaign. Campaign results and powerful donor insights will follow.

Ready to start planning your CTV campaign with INDE500?  

Book a free 10 minute consultation today!


Are you looking to monetize your streaming channel on Crackle, Kanopy, Peacock, Pluto TV, the Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Vudu, or Xumo? Monetize Your Video Library! Just drop in our custom video spots in your timeline and we'll do the rest including sending you a check every month.




If you wish there was an easy way to monetize your video|audio streams, our company ( offers ready-made national advertisers that can drop right into your timeline.  


For instance, we offer these commercials in gorgeous .mp4 format that pay $20, $30, $60- even $500- per phone call:


  • MESOTHELIOMA :15 :30|:60

  • CPAPRIGHTS :30/:60



  • ADT SECURITY:30/:60




  • TIMESHARE EXIT :30/:60





Advertising for Every Streaming-services


Ready to start planning your CTV campaign with INDE500?  

Book a free 10 minute consultation today!

Get Hooked Up on Your TV Ads.

For over 20 years; we've offered broadcasters like FoxNews, Newsmax and ABC Family the ability to fill unsold ad time with their own customized commercials that pay for each call or each lead. Perhaps we could do the same for you ?


Our :30 and :60 advertising spots deliver thousands in revenues every month to each broadcaster. To date, we're working with larger streams like Popcorn, Nashville Country TV and Crunchy Roll (anime).


These video streams join our affiliate program because there's nothing to code and nothing to report. Plus there's no DSP or agency fees and you don't have to split revenues with the streaming services.



Many content providers also use our per inquiry commercials as bumpers (or interstitials) on Roku and Amazon Fire.  What's new is that when content is interrupted for a two minute ad break every few minutes, you can run these commercials during unsold network time.

Looking for per inquiry ads on your national video stream?


If you air video content on Amazon Fire, YouTube, ROKU, Google Play, Apple or other video platforms, be sure to secure your own Revenue Stream with per inquiry ads.


Join our 500 independent video publishers and earn money like national cable networks. Just load our commercials and start earning cash for each call.


It's the template for video stream revenues!


Visit, email or call 800-334-4500 for more information.

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Ready to start planning your CTV campaign with INDE500?  

Book a free 10 minute consultation today!

Get Hooked Up on Your TV Ads.

Identify High-Fit In-Market Buyers | Build Custom Audience Cross Platform | Key Scoring

Excited to share more about our new Smart-Path Services: Web Identity Pixels and InMarket Audience Targeting.



to help you know when your customers are shopping for solar panels, car, loan, insurance, law firm, degree or high dollar services.

Let's talk about bringing together Data Activation and Identity Matching that excels at account-level fit, buyer intent, and engagement signals.

Here's How We Do This For You:

Identyo:  Your fastest path to growth is to identify your anonymous website buyers. 


The new multi-identity-match pixel IdentiPixel gives you the ability to resolve the identity of anonymous website visitors and own your data forever. It's a Visitor Intelligence tool that conquers 4 big problems:


No more lost PPC Leads

Eliminates BOT Data from Retargeting

Creates Your Own House List

Easy Path to 19 Channels

IDENITY:  Email Sequencing and Facebook Integration

Nurture and surround your customers with an email sequence plus your own Facebook Custom Audience that’s both PII and Can-Spam compliant. Automatic Email sequencing using IdentiPixel™ and its unique online identifier means you can access your house list and power sales all year round omni-channel.


Using your own IdentiPixel to build your Facebook Custom Audience means your house list never expires and remains 1st party data...keeping you in control of your own your data forever -- as a portable, independent and scalable revenue generator. Your customer. Your Data. Your insights.

Activated Data:  replicates buyers -- based on A.I.

IdentiPixel™ runs across 19 databases to provide a 309 million device identity graph. This allows us to track the online behavior of 50 billion signals a day.  We have the intent, engagement, and relationship data you need all under an existing data structure and work process that powers 14 major FB agencies--without any need for a full stack developer or data licenses.



Take a look back at the behavior of your best customers. See their website visits over the 7 days prior to their purchase with you. Model the behavior. Score their behavior. Then order up a list of similar device identities to place atop your sales funnel.  You've got an ever tightening machine learning algorithm all your own.

And because you can target prospects in an Omni Channel world now (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Ads, AdRoll) you can develop additional behavioral targeting using our ITP Data Activation™ process.


Activated data helps you acquire buyers who are actively looking for your products and services. Your customer. Your Data. Your insights.


We'll help you uncover gaps in your engagement and quickly identify accounts that need engagement with our Client Alert projects. 

Use our Data Activation to add accounts to advertising campaigns, deliver relevant email nurtures, and exploit competitor advertising.


Engage your target accounts, execute account-based marketing, deliver critical engagement insights to sales, and tie all your activities back to revenue.

Most importantly we'll help you make more money!

Identity across devices.gif


With you capture the Digital Keys to ALL your web visitors you'll enable Retargeting on SmartTVs, Facebook, Google, Email,and Social Media platforms.


If you have over 10,000 unique visitors on your web site, you are literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table this month. 


Get AI-Powered Targeting

& Marketing Technology Built for

Sales Websites

Sales Path.gif
Screenshot (76).png
Screenshot (56)_edited.png
Screenshot (61).png
Screenshot (65).png

9 Things Only the IdentiPixel  Provides for Direct Response Brands:

  1. The largest private B2C Identity Match Graph of 225 Million Consumers

  2. Over 54% Match Rate across 2.6 Emails and 2.5 Devices Per User

  3. A Flat Monthly Cost starting at $1000 month

  4. 25 years of Direct Response Marketing Expertise

  5. A History of Lower Customer Acquisition Costs 

  6. A Plan to Harvest More Sales per Media Dollar

  7. Ownership and control over your First Party Data. This lets you unlock value currently hidden in your site’s visitors

  8. Own profit centers from your data -- just like Google, Facebook and Amazon do now renting you your own data

  9. Access programmatic and 1:1 broadcast on Hulu, Sling, Roku and Spotify during 'national' programming. Wait! That's addressable TV isn't it? Yep!

The IdentiPixel is so inexpensive you can customize messages from each offer. This lets you unlock all the mysteries of new marketing channels.


Imagine: extreme targeting so precise you can source every sales and lead generation -including retargeting - to organic search  traffic, SEO, YouTube Videos, Instagram, Pinterest, content marketing, online ad buys, affiliate traffic, cross-platform contacts, email campaigns, DRTV, XM Radio, Free Standing Inserts --and anything else you track toward profitability on your site.


IdentiPixel  Now Lets You:


Resolve the identity of your website visitors without an opt-in. This lets you collect and analyze the behavior of your site’s visitors pre- and post-click. Now you can use that insight to turn formerly anonymous website traffic into valuable First Party Data. 


Quickly you are in a position to leverage all this website data for yourself or sell to other non-competing companies.

  • Own this insight forever in the form of a hash and device IDs, which allow for true cross-channel 1:1 marketing that happens on your terms

  • Permanently eliminate the control of powerful suppliers like Google|Facebook  have over your profits

  • Now YOU own the data they once controlled (like retargeting pixels and Custom Target Audiences)

  • Forever Recapture Inactives by Switching Contact Media


Advantages You'll See in the First 30 Days:


Ok, you qualify for a test with IdentiPixel. Let's get started.

What are you going to see when this program is installed and optimized?

  1. Create your own house list free of bots and fully transferrable across media

  2. This offers Lower CPC and PPC of 25% to 70%

  3. Lower Cost per Lead of as much as 50%

  4. Hard Convert your SEO rank to a permanent and portable audience virtually impervious to search engine shakeups, algorithm changes – now usable across all digital platforms

  5. Extend your marketing to new platforms as they come available and popular

  6. Open up new markets

  7. Add new profit centers

  8. Diversify your revenue pipelines

  9. Add new sources for look-alike audiences at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap

  10. Store User Ids for programmatic targeting on HULU for streaming video and SPOTIFY for streaming audio

  11. Create laser-focused audiences that you can market to by piggybacking on existing popular content and authority website traffic

  12. Ability to retarget across platforms without relying on siloed pixels or expiring cookies or even Facebook|Google stop signs

The ability to close sales via email without an opt-in (did we mention IdentiPixel  is PII and Can-Spam Compliant and only costs a few pennies each)

The Sustainable Competitive Advantage

That's all fine and dandy.  But is the IdentiPixel  and identity matching sustainable?  How much is it?


The advantages of IdentiPixel become a measurable and scalable way to increase profits. It's a green friendly (as in profitable) and sustainable (as in repeatable and scalable) offering that evolves to::

  • Lower CPA than rivals without changing any marketing collateral

  • Massive increases in retargeting capabilities vs. traditional opt-ins

  • More touchpoints and more opportunities to profit

  • Exponential increases in audience targeting size 

  • Leverage with the world’s most powerful platforms to construct look-alike audiences from previously inaccessible data

  • Preparedness for new marketing channels as they come available bringing in more prospects and more sales

  • More sales at lower costs


If you like what you're reading and think this approach might be right for your direct response offers, set up a short appointment to see if you qualify for IdentiPixel 


We may be able to increase your revenue and higher profits within the first 30 days. (One client reports campaign revenue growth rates as high as 544%)


-Frank Pournelle




Reverse Mortgage


Hair Restoration Chain


Food Subscription


Elective Medical


Safety Equipment






Ready to start planning your CTV campaign with INDE500?  

Book a free 10 minute consultation today!

Get Hooked Up on Your TV Ads.



ANNUITY ADVERTISER: "We love the calls coming from our INDE500 efforts! LOVE!" 

FINANCIAL ADVERTISER: "Granular retargeting of our anonymous website visitors via TV. Spooky abilities. Incredible ROI." 

DEBT CONSOLIDATION: "Just turn on the power of MOBILE advertising and blow past Google Ads Restrictions"

MEDIA | PUBLISHER: "One of the best programs for monetizing TV. Ever since we started partnering with Inde500, we have upped revenues 95% across our entire inventory.  Both their technology and their team are highly recommended."    --Crunchyroll Network

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