Activated Data Grows Acquisition Faster

Identify High-Fit In-Market Buyers | Build Custom Audience Cross Platform | Key Scoring

If you're looking for more quality leads and higher value sales leads, ACTIVATED DATA is your solution. It's how you can now bypass Google and Facebook algorithms to make your own path to profits...


Imagine cutting out the cancer of all your advertising.  All the bot traffic GONE.

All your competitors information laid bare. All the keyword searches, PPC data, SEO clicks, social media history at your fingertips.  With identity resolution and activated data now you can exploit Facebook, Bing, Google and LinkedIn data all on one data call.

That's because our 229 million device identity graph tracks the online behavior of 50 billion signals a day to find you a hefty stack of needles --with great prospects for closing.


Now when you target prospects in our Omni Channel world (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Ads, AdRoll) you can develop additional behavioral targeting using our ITP Data Activation™ process.


The “ITP” stands for “Intent-to-Purchase” so you can acquire buyers who are actively looking for your products and services. Your customer. Your Data. Your insights.

We add to this a weekly-tightening algorithm of target audience data that exponentially benefits from machine learning.

After all in-market audience targeting is a way to connect with business consumers who are actively researching or comparing your products and services across Google, YouTube, Facebook, keywords, competitor keyword clicks, long tail keywords and any other measurable signal we can employ off our graph.


Now you don't spend your time beating out the expense of a keyword search only to lost contact.


Instead, you focus all your marketing attention with folks that are in market to buy your product|service just like your last 1000 buyers.



Activated data from Growth Engine Partners will save you 30% or more off your current PPC budget or improve the scope of your Facebook Audience targeting by an equal amount--or your first month of data calls is free of charge.


Contact or call 800-334-4500 to Leverage the Best Intent Data in the business.