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Visitor Intelligence Pixel -the VIPixel


If you’re an e-commerce or direct response TV lead generator we have some powerful disruptive advertising technology to take you from challenger brand to trophy winner.

Many e-commerce concerns report they are looking to grow their buying audience and to create more consistent revenue.

Your fastest path to growth is to identify your anonymous website buyers. 

Right now you’re spending big money on Pay Per Click, Google Ads, Bing maybe even LiveIntent or an affiliate program. Why not capture the identity of ALL your visitors and set up the path to incredible growth by target marketing?

Introducing the new VIPixel™ from Growth Engine Partners which gives you the ability to deterministically resolve the identity of anonymous website visitors. 

VIPixel™ means you can create a digital marketing house list, composed of the unique online identifiers for your customers and prospects.   Here’s what that means…and why it matters...

 Every day, prospects visit your website. They’re actively looking for the products and services you sell. They’re in your sales funnel and preparing to buy, ---but for some reason they didn’t.

Your marketing should be focused on THEM...and closing prospects who look exactly LIKE THEM...because they’re your quickest and surest path to profits TODAY.

Growth Engine Partners can help you on your path to profits. 

We can also provide you with other opportunities to develop additional behavioral targeting using our ITP Data Activation™ process. The “ITP” stands for “Intent-to-Purchase” so you can acquire buyers who are actively looking for your products and services.

And right now you can access a limited initial trial of our Visitor Intelligence platform using the VIPixel™.

Here’s how the VIPixel™ saves you money:

Eliminating BOT traffic

and click fraud is a top feature.

As you may know, 20-40% of all website traffic contains

BOTs. Most 3rd party retargeting platforms such as

AdRoll, Criteo and Facebook do not screen out BOTs. 

The result is that 20-40% of your retargeting budget is

wasted. The VIPixel™ will provide you with a unique digital

identifier for all non-bot visitors to your site. And it’s easy

to install…

Installing the VIPixel™

All you have to do is place a light java script on the website pages you want to track. You can use Boolean-Logic to identify unique audiences that you want to re-engage with specific offers. You can easily customize your marketing and advertising because YOU OWN ALL THE DATA!

That’s because the VIPixel™ creates portable 1st Party Data that you own and enables you to surround your site visitors with relevant offers through Omni channel messaging.

Omni Channel means you can take your weekly .csv file and use your 1st Party data on any DSP platform that accepts targeting data such as Facebook Audience Network, Google Display Network, AdRoll and Perfect Audience as well as Google Ads, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For a little more, the VIPixel Plus™ can also surround your customers with an email sequence that’s PII and Can Spam compliant. Automatic Email sequencing using the VIPixel™ unique online identifiers means you can access your house list and power sales all year round.

The VIPixel™ data will provide the performance you need for high ROI on your retargeting and you won’t be beholden to the walled gardens of third-party retargeting platforms. Sure, other platforms offer retargeting codes, but these providers capture yourdata with their pixel; then rent it back to you for a short period before their cookie expires. Now you can own and control your proprietary data with the VIPixel™ FOREVER.

 The major benefits of using the VIPixel™ are:

  • Creation of portable 1st party data that you own

  • Not based on expiring cookies

  • Can be used cross platform

  • It is inexpensive and expandable.

  • Covers all traffic including affiliate, paid search, SEO

  • No more lost PPC leads

  • Protects you against SEO algorithm changes

  • Removes BOTs from your data

  • Puts you in control of your own data 

  • Makes your 1st Party Data PII and CAN-Spam compliant

  • Most importantly you own the digital keys to your customers

Your VIPixel ™ Campaign Pricing*

Pricing for the VIPixel™ under 25,000 unique visitors a month starts at just $1000 on a 6 month trial. Additional pixels for product-specific pages can be added for just $250|mo (under 25,000 unique visitors) Some restrictions and set up fees may apply.



Target the top-of-your-funnel, capture the identity for 95%-98% of visitors who anonymously visit your landing pages but do not purchase. Close more sales, go cross-platform and omni-channel to skyrocket your ROI. Build momentum for your sales and put your digital files in the bank by installing the VIPixel™ .

But get started now. The more rapidly we can get the VIPixel™ installed -- the larger the benefit your house list can provide.

May we proceed in getting your VIPixel™ installed to fuel additional growth and profit?


Call Frank Pournelle, your new digital data consultant now at 800-334-4500 or email Get started with your own Visitor Intelligence System with VIPIXEL. 800-334-4500. For more information visit

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Frank Pournelle holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration (MSBA) from San Diego State University.  He has re-purposed, represented and monetized both data and content resulting in over $2 billion in sales.


From films for MST3000, to the unsold advertising space of 4 billion yellowpage directories, to the acquisition of over 2 million clients for HerbaLife, Frank uses creative market engineering to wring revenues from in-obvious sources.  Through his 17 year history with ad agency Last Second Media Inc, he has advised to over 250 business models

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