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Advertising Easy  & Affordable

We’ve Taken Big Business Ad Tech and Made It Both Simple and Affordable for Small Businesses.



Over the top television is affordable streaming TV advertising.

Thanks to streaming platforms (Hulu, Peacock, Comcast, HBO Max, Amazon, etc.), you can now run TV commercials only in the households that you choose. No more waste or crazy minimums.

  • 1,500+ Channels To Advertise On

  • Target Consumers Locally or Nationally W/ OTT/CTV Ads + Video

  • Learn How Today- Get Quote and Download Guide

  • Air in 24 Hours



2 Easy Steps to Advertising on Streaming TV with Inde500



Target your commercial to your most likely buyers.

It’s called Targeted TV for a reason. Inde500 allows you to deliver your commercials only to your ideal customer. Need to reach people who buy luxury goods? Or who are planning to move? Or who live within walking distance of your casino or bar? All of the advanced customer targeting that used to be limited to internet ads is now available for TV advertising, too.


Inde500 has all the top networks and shows. Choose the ones you like or let our algorithms do the work. Either way, our buying power ensures your ads run where you want at the lowest possible prices. We work with all the major streaming platforms, devices and television networks to ensure your ads are seen in as many of the homes you target as possible.



FAQ:  What's Our Minimum OTT|CTV Advertising Buy?  $1,000



What Is OTT Advertising?


Many midsize companies didn’t have the budgets to advertise on TV or Cable Stations like Fox|ABC|NBC or CBS. Now, it’s possible for those with and without TV budgets to advertise through Connected TV & Over The Top Devices.

With an estimated 63 million “cord-cutters” in the US only reachable by Connected TV, CTV might be just the mix your team needs to grow with Millenials, Baby Boomers or business owners.


Connected TV advertising (CTV) & OTT Advertising provides enterprises with a programmatic advertising platform for engaging digital TV streamers with the level of precision you expect from all your campaigns: in-market audiences, demographics, offline behaviors and geofencing & household geofencing.



What are the Benefits Of Connected TV/OTT Advertising

With Our OTT/CTV TV Advertising solution, advertisers have access to the most advanced solution in the market. Powered by three distinct methods of audience targeting, getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time has never been more effective.

  • Target physical addresses using GPS data to serve OTT/CTV ads with unmatched precision and scale.

  • Bring the precision of digital targeting to what is OTT advertising with the ability to target users based on keywords, context, and other online behaviors.

  • Take advantage of numerous combinations of demographic variables to target your ideal audience.

  • Up To 96% View Rates Of Commercial On Connected TV Advertising Devices

  • Connected TV Watchers Tend To Be More Engaged W/ Content

  • Measurable, trackable, scalable attribution 

Regional Targeting.jpg

How Can Addressable Geofencing + Programmatic TV Create a Win for my Client?

Do you have a list of customers or business addresses?  Addressable Geo-Fencing can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable programmatic TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households.


By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution through conversion zone tracking, Addressable Geo-Fencing makes all household and business address targeting efforts more effective through our automated platline geofencing drawing capabilities.

  • Highly Precise – Targeting is based off of plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize precision of addresses being targeted.  Up To 90% Match Rate

  • Highly Scalable – Up to 1 million physical household and business addresses can be targeted per campaign.

  • Provides Foot Traffic Attribution – Conversion Zones can be used with Addressable Geo-Fencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location.

  • Multiple Creative Formats Available – Advertisers can utilize static ads, video ads, and OTT marketing (i.e Roku) Ad campaigns with addressable geofencing.

  • More Precise Than IP Targeting – Addressable geofencing is even more precise than IP Address Targeting, yielding a 90% match rate.


How does OTT Advertising + Household Geofencing Improves Audience Targeting

Our Geo fencing and addressable (household) geofencing technology combined with OTT Advertising can give advertisers the competitive edge they’ve been looking for and that none of their competitors are using. See mobile location based advertising in action:

  • International luxury brand wanting to reach tourist gamblers at golf courses, hotels, spas and retailers during a convention

  • Wineries whom desire to target tourists and measure foot traffic back to their tours while separately building a perceived demand by wine wholesalers

  • Native Casinos want to run a VIP customer loyalty program, so they build geo fencing around their location to drive repeat customers.

  • Digital Marketing Agency wants to white label and resell and bring OTT advertising and addressable geofencing solutions to its clients.


What are my data selects for targeting?  Over 1500 Demographic & Psychographic Variables

When we say hyper local precision, we mean it.  Why waste an advertising budget on those without propensity to buy?


When you combine CTV connected tv Advertising, with geofencing, layered in with over 1,300 demographic and psychographic variables that our team calculates, we can target your ideal consumer. It's what we do best.


Other Key Connected TV/OTT Benefits

  • Ability to target at the screen size

  • Non-skippable, immersive content format that allows advertisers to engage with a unique audience that is committed to the content they are consuming

  • Reach a unique group of video consumers that advertisers can’t target with traditional TV commercials

  • Access to inventory for both short and long-form content on the big screen and other connected devices

  • Allows advertisers to couple the impact of TV w/ the precision of digital

  • Access and buy premium OTT/CTV inventory on the same centralized platform as your display, mobile, and video campaigns


How Many Places Can I Air?  1000’S Of Publishers To Display Your “TV” Commercials On

120 Sports | A&E | Select ABC Affiliates | ABC NEWS | Accent Health | Anthem Sports & Entertainment | AOL | AT&T/DirectTV Now! | BigStar.TV | Bravo | Select CBS Affiliates |CBS NEWS |  CNBC | CNN | Comcast | Cooking Channel | Crackle | Digital Media Rights | Discover Channel | DiscoveryGo | Dish | DIY | DramaFever | E! | ESPN | E.W. Scripps Newsy | Film on TV, Inc. | Flickstream | Flipps Media | Food Network | Select Fox Affiliates | Fox Networks Group | FX Now | Fox News | Fox Sports | Funimation | Future Today Inc. | Gold Line Temangement | | HGTV | History Channel | Looke Digital | MAZ | Select NBC Affiliates | Lifetime | MTV | NBC NEWS | NFL Network | One by AOl Ad Network | Oxygen | Plex | PlutoTV | Resignation Media, LLC | Screen Media Ventures LLC | Scripps Network, LLC | Sling TV | Smart Roll Media, LLC | TBS | Time, Inc. | The Weather Channel | TNT | Toon Googles | Travel Channel | TubiTV | Turner Digital | USA | Vevo | Vidillion | WeatherNation | Xumo | Yahoo!

Plenty Of Devices

Amazon | Apple | Asus | Google | Hisense | JadooTV | LG | Microsoft | MiniX | NVIDIA | Roku | Samsung | Sony | Xiamoni


Many Exchanges

AdapTV | Beachfront | Freewheel | Rubicon | SpotX | 75+ PMP deals


What Kind of OTT/CTV Advertising Reporting Will I Get?

Tracking online conversions (form submissions and sales) is one thing.  But measuring offline conversions is something that couldn’t be done before until now.  We are able to track conversions both online, as well as offline conversions (i.e. those who make a call, came back to your casino, retail store, or desired showroom).

If you are leveraging our location based technology to directly communicate and reach your desired audience, contact Frank for how we can develop a granular campaign tailored to your business and organizational goals.  


Learn more about our conversion zone tracking capabilities, attribution and cross platform tracking with an expert in OTT and CTV advertising... President of Last Second Media, Frank Pournelle.


Drill Down Reporting_edited.jpg


If you're looking for more quality leads and higher value sales leads, ACTIVATED DATA is your solution. It's how you can now bypass Google and Facebook algorithms to make your own path to profits...


Imagine cutting out the cancer of all your advertising.  All the bot traffic GONE.

All your competitors information laid bare. All the keyword searches, PPC data, SEO clicks, social media history at your fingertips.  With identity resolution and activated data now you can exploit Facebook, Bing, Google and LinkedIn data all on one data call.

That's because our 229 million device identity graph tracks the online behavior of 50 billion signals a day to find you a hefty stack of needles --with great prospects for closing.


Now when you target prospects in our Omni Channel world (YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, SNAP, TIKTOK ) you can develop additional behavioral targeting using our ITP Data Activation™ process.


The “ITP” stands for “Intent-to-Purchase” so you can acquire buyers who are actively looking for your products and services. Your customer. Your Data. Your insights.

We add to this a weekly-tightening algorithm of target audience data that exponentially benefits from machine learning.

After all, in-market audience targeting is a way to connect with business consumers who are actively researching or comparing your products and services across Google, YouTube, Facebook, keywords, competitor keyword clicks, long tail keywords and any other measurable signal we can employ off our graph.


Now you don't spend your time beating out the expense of a keyword search only to lost contact.


Instead, you focus all your marketing attention with folks that are in market to buy your product|service just like your last 1000 buyers.



Activated data from INDE500 will save you 30% or more off your current CTV|OTT budget (or improve the scope of your Facebook Audience targeting) by an equal amount--or your first month of data calls is free of charge.


Contact or call 800-334-4500 to Leverage the Best Intent CTV | OTT Targeting Data in the business.

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