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Pay for success, not ad time....For over 25 years we've been securing millions of impression on national TV and now we're proud to offer one of the largest sources of OTT and CTV advertising in the US--using per inquiry advertising.


With Per Inquiry you pay for the response, not an ad unit.  Compare pricing to OTT Tag Managers at $30 or $40 CP\M's.


May we help you generate calls, leads or sales with our proven performers?


We are a BIG sales opportunity for your firm because WE HAVE UP TO 110 MILLION IMPRESSIONS A MONTH AVAILABLE on networks such as Pluto, ROKU, and XM Satellite Radio, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ROKU, even TNT and CNN.


You can enjoy a healthy presence on our per-inquiry media channels to drive your marketshare, kick up sales and boost profits of your company.


Why pay for advertising time if it generates no response?

Our best clients find success with high dollar financial lead generation.


Timeshare, Cash Advances, Education, SeniorCare, Financial, Law, Healthcare, Addiction and Public Policy do well on our per inquiry media networks.

We make it easy to access per inquiry advertising nationally. Enjoy big national daytime TV shows, name-brand cable networks, and hundreds of powerful TV stations. Plus, we have 300 million phone books, 2,000 radio stations and shows; plus up to 85,000,000+ TV cable viewers. That's big power!

Even more importantly, we tap this scalable, repeatable and testable media on either a Remnant Rate/Performance model or a Per Inquiry model to get the most bang from your TV and Digital Media dollar.

Pay only per call or per lead generated.

It's simple: LSM Digital eliminates the risk of your marketing and advertising with nearly guaranteed results on:

Dating back to 2002, we’ve proven that lead generation clients can build large volumes of sales leads with a customized portfolio of smart, incredibly efficient advertising on television, radio, cable, print, yellowpages, internet, qualified trasnfer calls and within web video marketing venues.

LSM Digital is the ONLY national per inquiry network to offer Web Identity Followup.

Stop losing all those clients who visit your website and never call.  Boost your lead flow as much as 50% and lower your ad spend.

Along with TV and Radio, LSM Digital also offers pay-for-performance

Identity Resolution with automated email, Facebook Audience feeds, Oath|Verizon|MSN|Yahoo native advertising, even ring-less voicemail,

and free mailing lists.

To learn more about Advanced Per Inquiry Television advertising

call|text Frank or Tyler at 702.232.8887.  

Let Us Be your Pit Crew for Direct Response


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Making Machine Learning a Reality for Your Business

House Price.png

Home Price Predictions

Our team can generate leads on ugly houses for sale, mortgage refinancing or reverse mortgages using national Per Inquiry TV and Web Identity Followup.

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CALL TRANSFERS We are excellent at generating leads for debt consolidation, school loan consolidation, payday loans, and refinance options.  Ask about Web Identity Followup for your debt leads.

Market Segment.png

Grow Your Market Segmentation

Our lead team generates OTT audience lists from your per inquiry TV and Google PPC activity. Ask how we can use hashed anonymous data to grow your business--inexpensively.

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Mobile | SMS Leads

Our Per Inquiry TV and Web Identity Followup can retarget mobile devices of prior respondents that didn't close.  And we can use machine learning to apply  the nearest neighbors technique.

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