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You Spent All That Money on DRTV but who is visiting your web site?

DR Smart Pixel Provides Higher ROI

Advertisers on national direct response TV (and radio, and XM and print, and FSIs plus PPC for Google Ads) know that they've created huge amounts of awareness for their brand and offer. But do they know who's visiting their website?

With nearly $1.8 Billion spent annually across direct response TV channels, you'd think advertisers would spend the extra $500 a month to secure a DR Smart Webpixel?

It's been clear for over a decade that consumers seeing direct response television (DRTV) commercials go ahead and research brands via the web within minutes of seeing an offer. Advertisers pay an arm and a leg to drive traffic to the website and yet have no idea who most of these people are.

Even inside Google Analytics, these web visitors are known as anonymous websitors. 95-97% of web site visitors, they look around and take no action. No web form-fill, no call. No ROI.

This is why advertisers tracking DRTV cost-per-conversion are usually horrified. Yet, this is accepted in digital marketing. To make matters worse, between 20-40% of this web site traffic are Bots!

Remove Bot Traffic for Retargeting with Dr Smart Web Pixel


If you’re retargeting with a third party such as Google or Facebook, you are paying to retarget these Bots…Not to mention you are allowing the third party to steal your visitor data and rent it back to you.

  • Now you can identify your anonymous website visitors so you are in permanent control of your “First Party Data”

  • Build profitable custom audiences from this data to be used on Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • The DRTV Smart WebPixel™ creates a database of your website visitors that you own and control forever.

  • The data can be segmented and is portable

  • It's not cookie-based and therefore not subject to expiration or the whims of targeting/ad platforms.

If you like what you're reading and think this new approach of using approach might be right for your direct response offer, set up a short appointment to see if you qualify for the DR Smart Pixel Process.

We may be able to increase your revenue and higher profits within the first 30 days. (One client reports campaign revenue growth rates as high as 544%)

SPECIAL OFFER FOR PROMISING CASE STUDIES: Contact me within the next 10 business days and if you're a good candidate in an available category: We Will Provide 30 Days of Free Data so you can see if DR Smart Web Pixel is right for you.

-Frank Pournelle


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