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Here in our little data shop, we're leaning on the humungous powers of Larry Page and Sergey Brin to put piles of cash into the accounts of our pay-per-call clients. Think of us as the Lewis and Clark exploring Google's vast territories.

That's why each week, we're integrating with Google on a deep scientific take advantage of 50 billion data sets occurring in the background each day at this tech giant. And hey, it's free if you just invest your time getting to know your Google Account Techs.

We started our work integrating audience target lists for video remarketing across our 500 leading media partners. It's taken us about 5,000 hours of careful study to understand the algorithms of Google and to turn knowledge into practical application.

The effect is thousands of qualified calls for our clients, all at a fixed cost per lead AND a growing market share.

"Few companies know how to maximize Google's Pay Per Call Network through Google Analytics and Tag Implementation" says Google Technical Solution Expert Davesh Joshi. "But after 7 years, it looks like Last Second Media Inc is blazing the trail."

If you're a financial institute, investment group or consumer product group, consider Last Second Media In'c INDE|500 plans for driving your direct marketing goals.

We'll put our best partners hot on the trail of faster revenues.


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