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How is More Than a NewsFeed...It's National Identity Mapping Brought Local

Identity Resolution Brought Local

Might just look like a little News Feed for the Solar Industry. There's no ads and no lead forms.

But, is actually an identity map for local solar companies sorted ultimately by 210 exclusive territories. It's like an Audience co-operative where every member gets more efficiencies.

Sponsors place the Identyo pixel on their local site.

Anytime the local sponsor creates a Blog post its RSS is fed into the news feed for SEO backlinks, sure.

But what's key is that anyone that views the news feed or hits a related sponsor site is loaded onto the Identity Map.

These smaller sites act as areasensors capturing interested parties searching for Solar Battery Solutions.

Imagine 210 solar websites with their own 'hash recorder', gathering an Audience anonymously.

Centrally, the Identity Map sends the user hash to the FB|GD|YT|Gemini Audience Lists of all members.

(This also powers the clients Look-A-Like audience)

The value is that members drive down their own cost per lead from say $30 to $14-$18 by sharing Audiences of people actively searching for the product/service across the US.

The client gets far more data feeding their machine learning and everybody benefits from a larger sample size.

By using the hash, they can go Omni-Channel and have access to plentiful cheap media.

They've got the keys to the identity of users for Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Google Display, Hulu.

Why not use what's most effective?

In today's age of DSPs and Programmatic Advertising there's not one game in town when you have an Audience List.

Let's say you are using Facebook primarily to drive your local solar business.

With the limits on the FB NewsFeed, you end up spending $20-$25 CPM for a very limited audience in territory.

Instead, you can obtain lots of digital ad inventory on Google Display using this Audience List of persons actively searching for solar.

Google Ads is more like $3 CPM and has 2.1 million websites to serve upon.

Using the GEO filters on say AdExpresso or Adroll, clients have a larger sample Audience, can more easily grow look-a-like Audience and uses national data on local basis more profitably.

This is only possible with a centralized register and your own Identity Pixel.

Now a little newsfeed can lower lead costs as much as 50% and create huge efficiencies for its members, not Google.

In review, the major benefits of an identity Pixel on your site is:

  • It's your Own Audience List--not likely to get tired and overused

  • Feeds Anonymous Web Traffic Into Email

  • Elimination of BOT Traffic --saving as much as 30% of ad waste

  • 1st Party Data--not limiting you to Cambridge Analytics fallout and Privacy Issues

  • It's a Pixel--Not a Cookie--again protecting you against GDPR, PII, CAN-SPAM and CCPA issues

  • Revives Dead Affiliates Links and 404 Error Pages

  • Improves ROI of Retargeting

  • Expands Your Audience Well Beyond Facebook--Across 19 Omni Channels

  • Lowers Cost of Amazon Advertising

Frank Pournelle holds an MSBA from San Diego State University and has guided over $2 Billion in sales.

He is President of Last Second Media for 16 years offering per inquiry television advertising, email marketing and now represents one of the most accurate and fastest growing identity maps in the US. He acts as your outsourced CMO & VP of Sales rolled into one to boost ROI. Contact 800-334-4500 or email frank at

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