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DR SmartPixel Hits 85% Match Rate on Anonymous Web Traffic Over Black Friday

LSM Digital Cultures Advertising ROI from Cold Web Traffic

Scottsdale, AZ – By combining anonymous web tracking with direct response marketing advertisers can reach full profit potential.

In a bid to raise their clients return on investment for advertising, LSM Digital announced results from Black Friday testing of two nutraceutical and wellness websites that tracked anonymous web visitors.

The DR SmartPixel by LSM Digital delivered upwards of 85% match rate for all unique new web visitors. What this means for the direct response advertising client is a new ability to retarget, surround and nurture the 97% of web visitors who did not purchase but expressed interest.

DR Smart Pixel allows immediate recontact via social media, email, phone, text and direct mail independent of Google, Facebook or Amazon.

Straddling the week prior and during their Black Friday Sale DR Smart Pixel captured the anonymous identity of thousands of visitors who might need a little more education or encouragement, but here-to-fore would have been lost. Tested November 15 to Dec 2, 2019, over 73% of unique website visitors generated by direct advertising were identified. Each visitor to the websites can now be nurtured toward sale with hyper-efficiency.

Given the competitive e-commerce environment and the high cost of customer acquisition, proved out Anonymous Identity Mapping married to direct response marketing and advertising with surprising results.

This is important because each web visit was expensive to attain and must show a return on investment for the client to resume growth.

This test was driven by a six figure Facebook and Google Ad spend, along with catalog mailings and longform television advertising,

Said Frank Pournelle, LSM Digital President, "The true results for the client's advertising investment can now be fully realized for under a few pennies each. It's proven game-changing."

Pournelle described the process that takes about 15 minutes to install:

"First we capture the identity of every visitor using a PII, CAN-SPAMM compliant 1st party data capture process. The DR Smart Pixel then accesses up to 6 identity maps covering nearly 500 million US devices and provides a digital key for researching and reaching the website visitor again across the entire world wide web. Our next step is to remove the BOT and fraudulent clicks, subtract the buyers and deliver a fresh Facebook and Google Audience ready-made for retargeting.”

The digital keys afforded by this new technology enables clients to surround the visitor with a timed set of email touchpoints and to follow the client across 2.1 million websites including Amazon. Said Pournelle “If you indicated an interest in one of our client products --and you're a human being with a credit card in the US-- we will earn your business profitably."


LSM Digital is the only per inquiry television network to offer over 1000 media outlets along with DR SmartPixel included in its pay-per-call pricing. DR SmartPixel is used by Lead Generation Advertisers as an integrated web nurturing process or sales funnel to capture maximum sales.

DR Smart Pixel enables web visitor contact across multiple media platforms including Facebook, AdExpresso, Google Display, Oath from Verizon, Yahoo, MSN, LinkedIn, email, text, and direct mail.

Using a unique segmentation ability available under one flat monthly fee, visitors can now be identified by content interest as well as unearthing contact information for use across email, social media, native advertising and other auction based digital advertising platforms.

Last Second Media Inc has been marketing clients through unsold television, radio and print advertising for over 16 years in the Education, Health, Senior, FINTech, Debt, Legal Mass Tort and ecommerce space.

A detailed custom proposal for DR Smart Pixel can be obtained thru by calling 800-334-4500 or

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