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Pay Nothing for National TV Advertising with Per Inquiry TV

Last Second Media Has Been Performing Pay-Per-Call Since 2002

Our 17th Year of Performance Based Advertising

per inquiry tv and radio


Pay for success, not ad time....because each atom of our logo represents a big new sales opportunity for your firm: You can enjoy up to 11 different per-inquiry media channels to drive the marketshare, sales and profits of your company. Why pay for advertising time if it generates no response or worse, no sales? That's why we specialize in pay-for-performance advertising.

Our best clients find success with high dollar financial lead generation. Education, SeniorCare, Financial, Law, Healthcare, Addiction, Real Estate Sales and Insurance do well on our media networks. With Per Inquiry you pay for the response, not an ad unit. May we help you?

For dozens of clients, we make it easy to access per inquiry advertising nationally.

Enjoy big national daytime TV shows, name-brand cable networks, and hundreds of powerful TV stations. Plus, we have 300 million phone books, 2,000 radio stations and podcasts, local cable plus 68,000,000+ national cable viewers. That's big power!

More importantly, we tap this scalable, repeatable and testable media on a Remnant Rate/Performance model or a Per Inquiry model.

It's simple: LSM eliminates the risk of your marketing and advertising with nearly guaranteed results on:

  • Nationally Syndicated TV Shows & Networks

  • 150 Unwired Cable Outlets including Uverse, Fios, Dish & DirecTV

  • 430+ TV Station & Local Cable Networks like Freeform, Smithsonian & Discovery

  • 246 Spanish Language Stations & Networks

  • Per Inquiry Radio on Syndicated Talk Shows

  • Cheap National Cable & Satellite TV Advertising

  • PAY PER CALL Yellow Page Advertising

  • SPORTSFLASH + NEWSFLASH Syndicated Radio on 1700 Stations

CAL FRANK at 1-800-334-4500 or visit for per inquiry tv, radio and digital calls

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